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What does an IQ test result depend on?


What does an IQ test result depend on?

Levels of general intelligence are equally dependent on heredity and environment. The higher the IQ level of the parents, the more likely the child is to have a high IQ. The more intense the developmental environment in which the individual is raised, the higher the IQ level he will be able to demonstrate.
Studies show that IQ level correlates with life expectancy, level of education and health, but there is no direct causal link. The coincidence of indicators can be explained as follows: people with higher IQ demonstrate success in learning, receive higher education and pass on their mental abilities to their children.
It is worth checking the level of intelligence once a year with www.iq-global-test.com to record your results, and if suddenly the result becomes below average, it is worth paying attention to it.

I believe that the level of intelligence depends on how many books a person counts and which ones. Scientific books and articles give a lot of useful knowledge and thus increase the level of intelligence. I read two books a week, I like it

Google has a good answer for that. "Variations in IQ scores are based on an individual's specific knowledge, vocabulary, expressive language and memory skills, visual special abilities, fine motor coordination and perceptual skills" and I guess it is really helpful for everyone to know their IQ. concrete companies st louis


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