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Risks and inconveniences for the user when using anonymizers and VPN services


Slower Internet connection speeds than a normal connection
The possibility of leakage of user data (logins, passwords, banking information, card data and payment systems) by incorrectly configured VPN, as well as when passing through anonymizers.
The possibility of infecting the computer with viruses (through the insertion of malicious code when passing through anonymizers).
The provider, who provides the user with VPN services, receives all the information about the user's actions during his connection to the Internet
But there are also good VPNs. To find one, click here. Also there you can find new dns codes for american netflix.

And it really happened to me because of the VPN... VPNs are very harmful. It's better not to use them.

This is nonsense. I've been using the most common VPN for five years now, and I'm fine.


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