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English Language Schools in Hefei -- Which ones are good employers?

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Thought this might be a good forum for information about employers of english teachers/tutors.

Good point made in other thread about going rates for English tutoring with native English speaker -- 150 RMB.

I taught a semester of english at Wanbo Academy on the western outskirts.  They paid 100 per "teaching hour" --
45 minutes.  This they said was a special rate and in consideration they would pay not transportation or taxi fees.

Wanbo is a long commute if you live in town.  60 minutes or more during rush hour. 

I had to get this job through "guanxi" without a contract.  Everything verbal.  I suspect they are not allowed to hire "foreign experts"
according to new rules laid down by the labor bureau.

Wanbo paid on a strange schedule (to me) which applies to
all of their teachers:  no pay for the first two months!  Then the "floodgates" open and they start paying your
salary with the 'satellite delay' of two months. 

This scheme, for the MBAs in the house, is a great one for the employer, who gets to 'float' the receipts from the
students and collect interest etc without having to pay teacher's costs.  Also the teachers cannot split at the end of
the semester (at least not too far away) because they have to keep coming back for two months to collect their pay in person.
No scarpering with the overhead projector etc.

The only other tip in my brief career teaching English:  watch out for the euphemistic "ke shi" or teaching hour
as opposed to the hour that every rational person thinks about -- 60 minutes.  For example:  "we pay 100 RMB per hour". 
After decoding this statement, they mean:  we pay 75 RMB per hour.  In other words, to gain your 100 RMB
you have to teach 4x15 minute time periods.  But a class only lasts 3x15 minutes.  Hence only 75 dollars. 
During the shuffle between classes (10 minutes or more) you do not get paid.  Cheapness thy name is China.

Anyway -- anybody have similar stories and information, I invite you to share it on this thread.  Cheers!

Yeh, all I can say is always take care of your own visa. You never want to be in the pocket of some english school!

There were many stories on the old hefeiexpat, now gone - i think we can start a fresh. Though fuck english corner and a man called "lou Li" !!! never work for this company rczegi knows what i am talking about ;)

Now stories;

lets have them...

About working for Li Lin (English Corner), I'm 4 1/2 years and still going for that company.  No problems concerning salary or passport (I do my own thing).  Others had some problems with him though.  My experience has been mostly positive.

Aussie Mike:
You guys know my pet gripe with Blunderverse (aka Bluniverse).
Well they're still screwing with me.
To get a Z visa renewed, you need a reference form completed by your previous employer, especially now with the big O coming up.
I had my new employer approach Blunderverse for the reference I required.

3 points they need to comment on.
1. Teaching quality; My reference here was good.
2. Teaching Experience; My reference here was good.
3. Co-operation; My reference here was not so good.

This caused the process to be delayed and stopped.
I needed to get another reference from them so I contacted Yellow directly who passed it on to the HR girl who wrote it.
I went directly to their office and asked if they really believed that I deserved this rating especially considering I promoted them for so long until they started to play stupid games with me as well.  They played on getting foreigners to break their contract so they didn't have to pay airfare, travel allowance and a months pay which totaled to approx 24,000RMB.

Well, I wasn't going to let them do that to me and stuck out the contract to the end.  I did get a 500RMB fine for not turning up to a class they rearranged but didn't tell me about, but I did get everything else. It took till the last day before I had to catch my plane to Australia though.  That was a tough battle.

Of course this was the reason I was labled "Non-co-operative" even though they continued to change every agreement we negotiated in the contract.

Finally, my new school was allowed to take full responsibility for employing me and had to submit their own letter of recommendation to the FEO.
I'll let you know what happens.
They gave me another reference

My advice is, AVOID them at all cost, go to another country if you have too, they are not worth the hassle.
If you don't believe me, ask any of the 20 foreigners they employed last year or any of the few foreigners they've had this year.
The average time for native speaking foreigners this year seems to be about 3 months.

Has anyone heard of Hazel Yin ESL?

The advert reads as following:
About Employer:
Employer Name: hazel yin esl
We are an excellent and professional education organization in ESL field run by an experienced English teacher called Henry Zhou in a key high school to provide one-stop service for native speakers who want to find an excellent job vacancy across china.
Work Location:
Job Description:
Teacher needed in Anhui ,Hefei city


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