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Ai hua:
 Private Chinese Lessons

About me:
 My name is Ai hua. Last year, I graduated from
Anhui University with a Masters Degree in linguistics. During my study,
I learned effective techniques for teaching Chinese to foreigners. In
addition, I can introduce Chinese culture and traditional Chinese
characters to foreigners through a variety of teaching methods. I enjoy
teaching Chinese, and am very eager to make a career of it.

Teaching experience:
2015.03—2016.10. Taught Chinese language
courses to foreigners in the International Education College in Anhui
2016.10—present. I have provided private Chinese language lessons to foreigners

Lessons offered:
           *Basic Chinese Knowledge (listening, speaking, reading, and writing)
           *Chinese character knowledge
           *Chinese culture and history
           (if you are interested, I can also teach you how to cook Chinese dishes……)

            I want to start my own career in teaching. If you interested, please contact me. Thank you!
            email:  1363791276@qq.com  or  CAH0110@163.com
            phone number: 18056034196 (also Wechat account)


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