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Photos of LaoJie, HongCun and HuangShan on a clear sunny winter's day


Aussie Mike:
The first series is of HongCun,an old city of about 800 years, still in near authentic condition.
It is a maze of narrow streets with hidden treasure troves of food and collectables.

A great place for some amazing photos.

You can get to HongCun by bus for about 19 RMB
It's about 30 mins and stops at the entrance.
Expect to pay 105RMB to enter.
The second series is of LaoJie known as Old Street which is the original merchant's street of HuangShan.
Today it retains much of it's old charm although it is somewhat more commercialised for the tourists.

LaoJie has many restaurants both tradition and cafe style
as well as a McDonalds near the entrance.

One of the side streets has many small bars and cafes.
The third section is views up the mountain of HuangShan

There are plenty of local buses for 20RMB leaving HuangShan which drop you off at the scenic spot which is the main depot for the buses up the mountain. The mountain buses cost 19RMB each way.

There are quite a few cheap hotels at the scenic spot for around 100RMB off season but much more expensive during the peak seasons.

You will also find many restaurants in this area including a KFC.


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