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Aussie Mike:
HefeiWaiKe use DeHeng Law Offices for all our legal services.
They were originally known as China Law and have representation all over the world.

They are well versed in any aspect of law I need as well as large corporations.
They have a genuine desire to help foreigners stay legal and develop businesses.

They take a load of my mind.

Ask for Mr John Wang, tell him you are referred through Hefeiexpat and he will be
happy to discuss your options with you, he is a very polite and knowledgeable man
who has earned respect from me.  You can always contact me for an introduction.

Taking legal action but don't know where to start?
Call DeHeng (Hefei) Law Offices, Attorney John Wang, for help!

Areas:   Labor & Employment
Commercial Law
Family Law
Invest Abroad and in China
The DeHeng team can also supply other comprehensive legal services

E-mail :
Head Office Website:
Hefei Office Website:19F CBD Plaza 369 Changjiang Road Hefei Anhui Province
139 6667 5102
0551-6522 6507
0551-6522 6502

Hi all,

I'm  John Wang ,a lawyer .I 'd like to help you solve your legal  problems. My law firm can provide you with a broad range of professional legal services. when you are in legal trouble,please feel free to contact me at any time.I'II do my best to help you. Thank you!

Aussie Mike:
It's time I updated this post.

John has done a great job on sorting and resolving the issues I had with my company.
Thanks to him I am able to trade again.

He also enabled me to employ myself by obtaining an Alien Employment Permit through my company.
I can now stay and work in China on a business visa, 12 months at a time, renewable for 5 years.
5 years being the longest I can contract for a company in China.

I have now retired from working for other companies as a teacher and can focus on business.

Next we will work on obtaining a green card for me.



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