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I was curious as to what is a normal score for the exams when you take them at : evaluation.safea.gov.cn/login.php

I scored an 80.4% and I feel like I scored very low. My total score averaged out to an 80% and I passed but my employer told me that I received a well above average and scored very high on the exams. I feel that I did quite poorly so I am curious as to what different peoples scores were.

I also feel this was a bogus exam.

From what I understand, the Foreign Expert Permit covers different professions and not just English Teachers and the exam contents are Chinese culture related that a normal foreigner would not usually know.

So what is the absolute minimum score on the exam in order to satisfy the minimum requirements? If someone only needs to reach the minimum requirements to pass, wouldn't be prudent to just make the exam pass or fail?

I have no idea what this is. I never had to take an exam for my foreign expert certificate.

The Foreign Expert Certificate is what's needed to get a Z Visa in China. For teachers, it's required that you have a bachelors degree with two years of working experience. However, they generally waive the two year working requirement if you have a post graduate degree.

I know Humdinger is very particular about this, but I don't actually have my foreign expert certificate. I have copies of it, but I don't have the original. Because like Humdinger has pointed out before, they keep telling me I can't have it.

We seem to have gotten off topic..

I am just curious as to what is a decent score on the exam?

The exam does not really cover any one specific subject and it s quite broad spectrum.

I don't know. I don't know of anyone who's actually taken it other than you.

From looking at the website, I don't think there's an actual cutoff score. It basically just complies a personality profile of you. I mean, U.S Companies do this all the time. When you apply for a job online they often ask you to take a test which is very similar.

So, I don't think there's a cutoff score. It's a personality test that the employer looks at when deciding whether to hire you or not.


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