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Author Topic: Community Property shouldn't be a law  (Read 69 times)


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Community Property shouldn't be a law
« on: March 26, 2021, 07:38:47 AM »

I live locally property state and am going through a divorce online in Hawaii https://onlinedivorcer.com/online-divorce-hawaii. Local area property bodes well for families where one individual is an overseer of the kids while different works and turns out revenue yet 50/50 for everything very doesn't sound good to me for pretty much every other case. Am I alone in my speculation here?

I'm too baffled on the grounds that my stbx for the initial not many long stretches of our marriage in a real sense sat at home and played computer games, scarcely did any housework and we ate out for most of our dinners. The most recent couple of years she had some work for a brief timeframe prior to getting pregnant and leaving her place of employment.

I'm fine with separating accounts to a point where she will actually want to keep up our way of life for a deterministic timeframe however local area property laws state she gets half of my 401k and half of my unvested pay and she is glad to take it and request support from me also.

Divorce sucks yet it seems like Community Property laws are attempting to empower "wedding for cash" and ensuring the mate who has contributed the most monetarily is ground into dust.
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