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Was MH370 a Hijack?


Aussie Mike:
There is a lot of speculation about the disappearance of MH370.
Our sympathies and condolences go to all those affected.

I'm posting this here as it is very relevant to Chinese and foreigners.
It is also a particular topic that is raised in English sessions.

Here is an article on the deleted files of the pilot's simulator and the eventual believed location of the missing plane.  Diego Garcia Islands

With the suspected path of the flight and the rumour that government received a demand from a terrorist organisation which was not met before the fuel ran out. It is possible that they may have planned to land at Diego Garcia island.

Piecing the rumours together...
1. The final voice was calm and recieved after the locator stopped functioning.
2. There is a theory that MH370 may have shadowed another 777 through radar controlled areas.
3. The suspected path of the aircraft avoided populated regions and was mostly over water.
4. The path was eventually turned and headed towards the islands and would have reached them in time.
5. The aircraft could have circled over the ocean undetected for hours and still have time to land.
6. Demands were not met and the aircraft was ditched into the ocean where evidence of flight recorder may never be found.

Food for thought and I hope it's wrong.  

Either way, security must be improved at all airports and aircraft.


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