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Tiger Beer Street Football 2013 -It’s Where You Want to Be


Be part of Asia’s biggest football festival - the 2013 Tiger Beer Street Football 5-aside tournament-  this summer.
 Played in a specially constructed cage, teams (7 players including 2 reserves) can still register now for the city-level tournaments held in Ningbo, Wenzhou, Changzhou, Suzhou, Anqing and Hefei from July 20. Each city’s champion will qualify for the East China region final where the top 3 teams enter the China National Final in Guangzhou.
Famous for its exciting party atmosphere, the 5-aside Tiger Street Football competition is being hosted in seven Asia-Pacific countries this year with a Grand Prize of USD30,000.
Be sure to be where all the action is because, in true Tiger Beer style, the two-day event will be swashed with a radical display of everything street; street stylists & performers, the popular Tiger Cage Girls, and of course, lots of ice-cold Tiger Beer for the hot summer days.

Aussie Mike:
Tim, you are pushing it again.

I have no problem with promotion on the site but I object to people polluting the site with useless messages like this and the ones you keep posting, just to promote yourself.  I don't like deleting posts.
Just check out posts and see what I have put up with
These are the ones I haven't deleted in the past.

I sent you an IM privately as a help for you.
All the crap you place on your signature is an eye saw.
Shorten your signature.

In regards to every post you made for requests, I've never deleted them.
I only delete the useless comments, more as a way to save you face as our readers object to them.

What have you ever contributed to this site?
I've put up with it for years and I have been polite about it by sending you suggestions privately.
Now you start this crap again publicly.

Keep it up and WILL delete your profile.


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