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Hefei Air Pollution: Real Time Monitoring

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Found this website today and thought I'd share: http://www.aqicn.org/city/hefei/

They have other cities around China as well.


Aussie Mike:
Great link!
The 108 is basically particle matter from construction.

I read that the US Embassy in Beijing has differing numbers than the Chinese readings, meaning, China is fudging the "actual" numbers

True or not, I don't know.  Just putting it out there.  ;)

I think the issue is that the Chinese system does not report numbers beyond 500 and it can easily surpass 500.

Also, I find this amusing:

"The existence of the [U.S] embassy’s machine and the @BeijingAir Twitter feed have been a diplomatic sore point for Chinese officials. In July 2009, a Chinese Foreign Ministry official, Wang Shu’ai, told American diplomats to halt the Twitter feed, saying that the data “is not only confusing but also insulting,” according to a State Department cable obtained by WikiLeaks. Mr. Wang said the embassy’s data could lead to “social consequences.”"

Because, telling people their air is killing them is something to be avoided.


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