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Andy Woo:
Hi Guys!

I’ve returned from Shanghai and settled in Hefei.
I would like to help you guys learn Chinese and enjoy a better life here in this sunny city.
I’ve been teaching Chinese as a second language over 7 years and have students all over the world. I can provide you with hundreds of references if you need.
I am well known for my
*Own Materials
*Excellent Teaching Methods
*Extra Customer Service (Because I am also an interpreter)

Chinese Courses offered including:
*Survival Chinese
*HSK Tutorials
*Integrated Chinese
*Business Chinese

My Contact Info:
Email: wuyihong16@gmail.com
Mobile: + 86 15055124316
Skype: andy1986726

Aussie Mike:
Hi Andy, welcome back.
You have my number.

bao luo:
For anyone looking for a good Chinese teacher, Andy Woo is your man.

He's got an MA degree in linguistics and taught foreigners for 7 years at East China Normal University, one of the best language schools in China.

He is highly organized, very knowledgeable, and super friendly.

Hi Andy,  are you still teaching Mandarin in Hefei?   

Thanks, Michelle


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