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I have a chinese friend studying English. Which place offers the best English corner, where she can go and practise? Also, does she have to be affiliated to attend, or can she just drop in?

I have looked all over Hefei for an English Corner, and there doesn't seem to be one. Anywhere. Your friend is a rarity. My overall impression of Hefei, based on the negative/apathetic reactions I've encountered, is that the vast majority of the populace simply aren't interested in learning English. Every other city I've been in in China, including those significantly smaller than Hefei, have English Corners.

China, as a whole, is lagging behind other Asian nations, with the exception of Thailand. The China Post is is reporting on Taiwan's deficiencies in this area when their own country is well behind. Typical.


Thanks for the response. I will try AnDa. I also suspect that many large companies offer formal and informal english classes, though these will be closed to the public.

I am not quite clear on the connection between soft power and a weak english language learning framework. Is the implication that the world will be forced to learn mandarin, just as those who wished to do business with the US and Britain had to learn English?

do you guys go to ANDA english corner very friday night?
Cos I go there often but no see any foreigners.

Aussie Mike:
I haven't been to an English CornerED for years except my own university ones.
I hate them. I prefer to mix socially or at organised events like the soccer matches.


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