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Moving to Hefei from Italy

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Good morning to everybody,
my name is Luca from Venice, Italy.
With my wife we are planning to move to Hefei and open one good pizzeria.
Can somebody help me with some information?
I would like to find one good place to open this italian restaurant (specialized in pizza for true) but i don't know what the price for rent, so i need one rental agency in Hefei to ask for.
Thanx everybody.
in July we plan to come for 15 days in Hefei

Thnx in advance to everybody


This place needs a good pizza place.  I am tired of the ketchup-flavoured pies they sell here.

Luca, you would be a welcome addition to Hefei.  :)


and i fear Tim is right: Hefei is still not ready for real western food, unless you combine with some special stuff on the side, a theme (Bitburger) or you have a sh*tload of money (owner of Spanish restaurant in 1912)..

anyway, being italian myself, you have a fixed customer there!

i'll be in hefei all the summer (i work for a chinese company = zero holidays!), contact me if you want!
i'll be happy to meet you and your wife..
i know some good place to eat, even one with some italian food (not on the menu: the owner lived more than 10 years in Italy and he will be extra happy to have other italians here to practice the language!!)


Thnx to everybody for the welcome here :-)
I think will be more interesting when I will have your Welcome..."in there".

I really hope that somebody could give us new idea or help us to keep going with this project.
We are still searching for one real estate agency to ask for rent a 200 sqm olace close to the main centre in Hefei
Thnx again


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