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Dentist at 105 Hospital on ChangJiang Xi Lu near Carrefour

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Aussie Mike:
While in Australia, my 25 year old bridge came out and I broke more teeth as I chewed it.

The cost in Australia was ridiculous so I waited till I returned.

Bonnie made enquiries and found a dentist (Dr Wu) at 105 hospital has a great reputation but no English. The hospital is fairly clean. I didn't feel concerned about hygiene.

She made an appointment for me and I had an x-ray check and some preliminary work done like the centre root of the middle tooth had decayed and caused an infection. He hollowed it out and filled then replaced the original bridge for now. Cost for that was 210 yuan. ($35) for x-rays and dental work.

I am impressed with the NO PAIN, no injections.  ;D

My next appointment is next weekend so I'll keep you up-dated.

Mike, you definitely have my interest when you said "NO PAIN".  ;D  No injections as well?  Did they do some voodoo magic on you or something?

This comes at the best time because I have been prolonging a dentist's visit for god knows how long, so, I have to finally suck it up and just go.  Of all the dentists you went to, how would you rate this one?  I think you went to Dany's place before when he was there, as well as the one you mentioned in HuPo.  Of those places, how does this one fare?

The no injections part really has me scratching my head because I've never, ever had a filling done, or tooth pulled, without it.

Aussie Mike:
The first 2 visits were no injection and no pain but the 3rd visit needed an injection but still no pain. He needed to insert a post for the bridge which is being made now.

Man, you Aussie's are tough.  ;D

When I went to Dany's place before, they gave me an injection, and when I felt it wearing off, they gave another during the visit.  I can definitely feel the pain without the injection, so I don't know.

Aussie Mike:
When it comes to my teeth, I have a serious issue with pain and a bigger issue with injections. A car collision I had 25 years ago landed me in the dentist chair for 18 hours over a couple of months. Each time I got the injections I'd end up chewing the inside of my cheeks which is more painful and lasts longer than the dental treatment.


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