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How to Modify personal information


I have made a mistake when I filled email information for registering ,
how can I cancel the relationship of the email and my count in HefeiExpat?

Aussie Mike:
At the top of the page is a button called "PROFILE", click it to view profile details.
This section is to view details
The statistics shows you where and when  you visit most.
Show posts lets you see all the posts you have made on the forum.This section is to change details
Account related is where you can change your e-mail address and displayed name and password.
Forum profile information is where you can add or change your picture, signature and websites.
Look and layout is where you select what is shown such as time zone, replies and other settings.
Set what you receive from the boards by E-mail.
Personal message or Instant messages setting, who to ignore and which replies you want.This will delete your account


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