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Chiropractor or simillar in Hefei ?

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I will be arriving in Hefei this week, and due to back pain and a pinched nerve in my neck I will probably
need a chiropractor or similar. 
Any recommendations ?

Thanks !

I don't know the exact addresses of these places, but you can try acupuncture at some of the TCM hospitals around Hefei for your aches and pains.  There is a small one, but good one, on Anqing Road and Meng Cheng Road.  And another one, big one, near An Da University.  Maybe someone on this site can give the exact addresses of these places.  Being in China, I would rather use acupuncture than a chiro.


  Thanks for the info, I have been curious to try acupuncture.   
I have been to China before, but this is my first time to Hefei.
What is TCM ?


Lili Chen:
TCM is Tradition Chinese Medicine.
I heart Auhui Hospital of Chinese Medicine is famous for acupuncture. Some old doctors are good at that....
It's located on 117 Mei Shan Road.


I am in Hefei now, and will definitely acupuncture a try.
But, chiropractors have been successful for me so far.
Anyone know of a chiropractor here ?

Thanks !


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