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in Hefei:
"do you like chinese food?"

..when there are maybe 1-2 not-chinese food restaurants that can really be called that!!!

too easy saying korean bbq is not like chinese food!!!
and please, do not say that pizza hut pizza is good pizza!
it does not even taste as pizza hut in europe!

i know, shanghai and big cities, very different.. lots of proepr not-chinese restaurant..

btw, i love chinese food!!!

I agree with Andy about amazing Chinese food. I mean, I was walking through the Forbidden City in Beijing a few weeks ago and thought: this is not the most special thing about China for me. What I will always remember about China is the hundreds of amazing dishes and restaurants I've tried, and drinking baiju around a big table with friends, family, and colleagues.

Hefei have a lot of good restaurant.In Mingzhu area (Near by Lotus Supermarket) is Seina River restaurant that I have dinner there almost every evening or if you need something different try Brasilian BBQ in Sofitel.

mingzhu is also my area...
and what it's caleld brasilian bbq here in hefei is more a chinese version of the real one!!

still love it though.. but meat-wise shanghai brasilian bbq was better!!!

i'll give a try to this seina restaurant.. thx Joeyhf!

Aussie Mike:
Strangers trying to force you to drink with gambei every 30 secs.
I don't even know them.


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