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Author Topic: Connecting to China's payment systems.Interest?-Qualtiy of Life Improvement  (Read 5418 times)


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Hey everyone.. this post is to see if there is interest in a quality of life improvement for us expats living,working or traveling here in China and East Asia.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Juan Leon. I have been living in Hefei almost as long as Mike has lol, landed here in 2002.
I have worked in the teaching industry, expanded into small business and now am in payment processing. I am Peruvian-Chinese Canadian.

Currently I am working closely with Alipay and wechat, we are developing a platform to help Forgeiners coming/are in China to be able to tap into their domestic funds and use them easily in China, through wechat, cellphone App to purchase, send etc. RMB in the same manner local chinese are able to pay via there phones using the QR code scan.

For some of us getting a Chinese Bank account is a royal pain and if our Chinese skills are poor and have no help, even worse.

This is going to be a smart phone App similar to what locals already use, the main difference is that loading funds can be done from an international source and deposited back to your international source. While allowing you to use your funds locally here in China.

Paying-transfering- accepting funds in RMB and then if needed sending funds back to your source account back into you own currency.

Last month I went to thailand for a holiday and also saw that Ali-pay QR network for payments is spreading through out S.E. Asia allowing Chinese users  further security while traveling and preventing the possibility of credit card fruad by using QR direct payments from bank to bank.

In essence, once we confirm there is an interest in this and finish developing, Future users of our App can also benefit and use this method of payment-transfer where ever Ali-pay is present.

To obtain the App and register it is all done Via your phone.

I am here to see whether or not Expats actually really need this kind of improvement?
Personally I would..

I am also here to see what kind of functions real users would like to see? How you would intend on using this App?
Or any suggestion you may have to help improve the functions, stability, useability of this new platform.

Look forward to seeing any feed back, so I can make a difference in the Expat community in improving our quality of life while traveling/working/living in S.E. Asia

If you do have interest in being a beta tester, please also let me know.
I can provide further information, testing may be ready between 3-6months depending on our current negotiations with Chinese Payment Networks.



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Hello Leon.

For the readers
This is not a scam, It's something I'm interested in for the HFConnect APP.
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