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Author Topic: The different levels of hospitals in China  (Read 40703 times)


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The different levels of hospitals in China
« on: August 05, 2017, 12:05:07 pm »

As anywhere else, there are so many different hospitals/medical centers/clinics in China.
However, in China, we have a complicated systems of hospital levels.

The first one or the "lower level" is the First level hospital. These hospitals are usually very small community hospital/clinic, where they don't perform many surgeries (probably just some superficial lump removal or incision of abscess). Usually in these hospitals, they treat some minor illness, such as common cold, mild allergy, or diarrhea, etc. They also manage some chronic illness, if the conditions are already under good control. For example, if you have high blood pressure, and managed well, but you need to routine check up of blood pressure and prescriptions.

Then there are second level hospitals, which is the "middle level". And they are subdivide into A level and B level (A is on the higher level). In these hospitals, they treat more common diseases and more serious ones, for example, they can perform an appendectomy, or remove a gall bladder. They also have plenty of inpatients admitted for other medical reasons. Some county hospitals and district hospitals are more likely to be among the second level hospitals.

Then the third level hospitals, which is the "high level". And they are subdivide into A level and B level (A is on the higher level). The Third A (三甲 sān jiǎ )are usually the hospitals where local Chinese prefer to go to. These hospitals usually treat a variety of diseases, from minor illness such as common cold to more complicated autoimmune disease, perform surgeries ranging from a small lump removal to complicated transplant or heart surgeries. Usually, hospitals affiliated to universities, municipal/city hospitals, provincial hospitals or some county hospitals are among these hospitals.

Due to language barrier (if you don`t speak Chinese well), it is better to go to the Third A level (三甲 sān jiǎ )as doctors in these hospitals are more likely to be able to communicate with you in English or other languages.

If you go to Beijing or Shanghai, or some other cities that are more international, you can go to the international hospitals in those cities, where most of the staffs there speak English well, and some even speak other languages well. You may even see a doctor from your country in those hospitals.

However, other than those international hospitals, even if you go to hospitals where doctors speak english well, you may still have difficulty talking to other staffs in the hospitals, such as the admission office staff. So it is always better to ask a friend who speak both Chinese and your language (or English) with you.

But one thing you need to know is that, it is better to ask a Chinese friend who has been in the city for a couple of years or ask a friend who study medicine/work in the healthcare field. If your Chinese friend is also new to the place, he or she might also have no idea which hospitals are good ones and are the ones you need to go to.

I also read some blogs written by foreigners in China talking about going to hospital here, and there is one mistake I want to point out.

If your Chinese friend who is not a doctor tells you to neglect doctor's advice, such as getting a certain test/exam(CT, ultrasound, etc.), please do not just follow this friend's suggestion. Some people here do not trust doctors that much, and they may tell you not to follow the doctor's advice because they think these tests are not necessary. But doctors are trained for this job, and their advices are more professional, but your friend's advice on this is not. Doctors saw/heard/witnessed too many patients suffering severe consequences of questioning the doctors' professional judgement/advice.

To know information, please also follow the WeChat official account "drsunshine"
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