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Hefei hospital information1- Major Hospitals in Hefei.


There are many hospitals/clinics in Hefei. But for foreigners in Hefei who do not speak Chinese: If you have to go to hospital by yourself, it is better to go to large public hospitals where you are more likely to find some doctors who can talk to you in English or even other languages .
Some of those hospitals are listed here:

1. the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University.(安徽医科大学第一附属医院)
Address: Jixilu 218, Shushan District, Hefei.蜀山区绩溪路218号

This is one of the oldest and most famous hospitals in Anhui Province. It sits next to the main campus of Anhui Medical University. There are many famous professors who practice medicine here. In addition, there are some international medical students (including final year MBBS students and some postgraduate students).

A new branch/campus is going to open soon, called "Gaoxin branch" (安徽医科大学第一附属医院高新分院), near the start point of Airport Highway, in the west part of the city. However, the latest news is that there won't be all specialties available in the new branch.

2.the Second Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University.(安徽医科大学第二附属医院)
Address: Furonglu 678, Hefei. 合肥市经济技术开发区芙蓉路678号

This is a new hospital, but it is a direct affiliation of Anhui Medical University, so this is also a good one. It has received JCI approval, meaning you might be able to use your home country health insurance(of course, you have to check that with your health insurance provider first). This hospital sits next the southern branch campus of Anhui Medical University. There are many famous professors who practice medicine here. In addition, there are some international medical students who may take rotations there.

3.Anhui Provincial hospital(安徽省立医院)
Address: Lujianglu 17, Hefei. 安徽省合肥市庐江路17号

Another very famous hospital in Anhui. Though not a direct affliation of Anhui Medical University, many senior doctors also have faculty positions in Anhui Medical University.

There is another major branch campus of this hospital, called the "southern branch/campus"(省立医院南区), AKA Anhui Cardio-Cerebro-Vascular Hospital (安徽心脑血管医院),address:  Tian'er Rd1, Shushan Qu, Hefei). Despite its alias indicating heart dieasess and nerves system diseases, it has all different specialties.

"Western Campus" (Anhui Provinice Cancer Hospital, address:  Huanhu Dong Lu 107(it is also part of West Ring Road) , Shushan, Hefei Shi, Anhui Sheng, China)which is mainly focus on oncology (cancer, tumor) , including different surgical departments but they mainly treat cancer patients.

4.Hefei First People's Hospital(合肥市第一人民医院)
      Address:  Huaihelu 390, Luyang District, Hefei.安徽省合肥市庐阳区淮河路390号
 A good hospital in Hefei, also called the third affliated hospital of Anhui Medical University (though not its most common name).

5.the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui University of Traditional Medicine 安徽中医药大学第一附属医院
       Adress: Meishanlu 117, Hefei. 安徽省合肥市梅山路117号。
       Another very famous hospital in Anhui. It sits next to the main campus of Anhui University of Traditional Medicine. There are many professors who practice medicine here too. In addition, there are some international medical students.

6. the PLA 105 Hospital(中国人民解放军105医院)
       The locals usually just call it 105 医院(105 hospital). It is a military hospital, but also open to civilians. It is also a non-direct affiliation & teaching hospital of Anhui Medical University, meaning there are medical students taking rotations there.
        Adress: Changjiang Xi Lu 424, Hefei. 安徽省合肥市长江西路424号

Notice: First, there might be several campus/branch of one hospital, what are listed in this article are their main/original campus address.
           Second, there are a few other hospitals which are also good, but some are under new constructions so they might move to new address anytime.
           Third, I didn't write the phone numbe of the hospitals for the following reasons: you need to speak Chinese if you want to call them. the phone number they left on their official websites might not be the number for making appointments (in China,  patients usually do not call the hospital phone number for making appointments or inquiry, the exception is that patients may call the number of certain departments where they will/have been to.)
        Fourth, don't rely on google map. The address given on google map regarding local hospitals might not be accurate/might be outdated.

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