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My name is Nikola,
I just recently received a job offer from school called Best Learning English, for the position in Hefei, Anhui province, apparently the person that contacted me Sophia Yue is on several blacklists as fraudulent, and I was interviewed by the person that represented her self as the school leader and she is called Vivien Xia.

Can you please help me, I believe that this is a scam and wanted to double check, they even sent me a contract to sign to start working for the Best Learning English ASAP

Does this school exist in Hefei, and is this Vivien Xia school leader?
Any info would be a huge help.

Thank you

Several blacklists? If these blacklists are half credible, why are you still considering the job?

I'm pretty sure the school exists (I haven't physically been there, but there's lots of information about the school online), but how did you get the job? Was it through the company directly? If it's through the company directly, I wouldn't worry. If it's through a recruiter, that's when I'd be more dubious.

It doesn't surprise me that some of these training schools are on blacklists as fraudulent. Many people coming to China feel tricked by promises that were made before they arrived only to have the school stab them in the back.

Hell, I work at a very reputable school, but it's easy to find reviews of people criticizing the company and calling them fraudulent.

I applied trough echinacities.com for the job, I believe that it goes trough recruiter like most jobs on that site, that is the reason why I need to be sure.
Blacklists are credible, but the reasons why they are on the blacklist is not so big, I have experience with worse in my country, and I am from Serbia.
All I wanted to know is weather this Vivien Xia is really the school leader but there is no way I can confirm that.
Still not sure what to do.
If anyone hears something please tell me, I will continue my research for now.

Thank you

bao luo:
Best thing to do is avoid dealing with Chinese recruiters at all costs. Find a way to contact and deal with the school directly.


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