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I'm wondering if someone can provide information about social insurance in China.

Specifically, my wife was inquiring about buying social insurance for herself. I asked her about the details, and she came up empty handed, mostly because she doesn't know much about finance or how these things work.

So, I'm wondering if someone can point me in the direction of how exactly social insurance works in China.

bao luo:
This relates to local Chinese insurance, the "Five Insurances," for foreigners.

Foreigners are entitled to be part of the social insurance scheme that is mandatory for every Chinese employee. Last year I was offered the opportunity to have government social insurance.

Basically, you pay a monthly premium, and your employer does the same. It comprises health insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury, maternity leave, and pension. When I looked at the coverage amounts for pension, I determined that it wasn't worth paying into for 15 years for the paltry stipend you would receive. Unemployment insurance is likewise inconsequential considering that you can't remain unemployed for any length of time without affecting your visa. Also, it's a piece of cake to scrounge up a paying job if you were that pressed that you needed unemployment benefits, which are paltry anyway. So the only aspects of this insurance package that I felt was remotely useful for a foreigner is the health & injury insurance component. Considering most people would be paying at least $2000 a year for the five insurances, you can get much better international health insurance for the same price, and deal in English. Another thing is: Your employer will also have to make even bigger contributions than you, which is a disincentive for them to employ you.

Anyway, this law has a lot of holes and is being implemented in an ad-hoc fashion. The cynical part of me says this is a cash grab by the social insurance fund; the not-so-cynical part of me says this is a good step forward to including foreigners in social policy.


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