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Hi all,
Welcome, I'd like to offer information in regards to your legal issues.
Ask here and I will reply.

If the issue is not for public knowledge or is of a personal nature, you ask me directly via IM.

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John Wang
Attorney at Law
DeHeng law

Aussie Mike:
Let me introduce you to Jonh Wang of  DeHengLaw Hefei.

John discovered us through this website and has a keen interest in English and Foreign Law both local and international.

I communicated with John and met him on many occasions. He was interesting and showed he was genuinely concerned for foreigner's welfare in China.

As a favour, he checked up a few things in regards to my company and discovered that I had a serious problem created by my accountant not submitting tax forms when he assured me he did.  Yeah! How stupid does that make me feel?

Thanks to John and DeHeng Law, the issues are being resolved and I shall be able to continue business in China.

10 years in China has seen me suffer setbacks more than a couple of times by relying on "I'm your friend, I'm happy to help" offers, especially when you are searching for particular skills crucial to maintaining an expat life in China.

If it doesn't have the appropriate red stamp on the contract, there is no recompense".
Make an appointment with John and let him give you peace of mind".

In the mean time
Ask a burning question and see what response you get.
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