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Visa Process for Z Visa

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This is how far I have gotten in obtaining my Z Visa and the time frames:

Here is the experience I have gone though so far as of 15 August 2014

July 1 2014 I applied at a few schools.

July 2 through July 10 I interviewed at multiple schools and submitted documents to schools.

July 10 through July 14 I reviews different contract job offers and picked one that I liked.

July 15 I received and signed the work contract.

July 16 I received a link to take an exam: evaluation.safea.gov.cn/login.php (I took the exam and the next day I received my total score of 80.4%)

July 17 I took screen shots of the exam and sent in my score along with my passport, resume, degrees, letter of reference, and certificates. The employer also asked me for multiple certificates and letters of appreciation from different companies so I included those.

August 10th I was informed that I was approved for the work permit but will have to still wait for the Invitation letter.

August 15 2014 I received an E-Mail with the work permit issued by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs P.R.C. and then I was informed that the employer is still waiting on the Chinese Government to issue the letter of invitation. They said it needs to go through 4 different government offices to get approved and that I should expect its approval on 19 August. (I will let you know if this will happen).

Since I live in Florida, I will need to apply for the Z Visa at the Houston Consulate and as soon as I receive the Invitation letter, I will send all of the documents and my passport to them and let you all know how long it takes.

Just as an update:

I was informed that the invitation letter I should be receiving on the 19th will be delayed by one day so I hope to get it on the 20th now.

on 19 August 2014, I used Fedex to overnight my visa application, passport, letter of invitation, letter from the Foreign Expert Affairs P.R.C. my passport, and 2x2 photo to the Visa company handling my application and they will submit it to the consulate when it arrive. I was told that the Chinese Consulate in Houston TX may take 2 to 3 days to process the Z Visa.

Will keep you all up to date on timelines.

That post was actually quite helpful to me but its older so I wanted to compile a timeline of events and things needed for foreign teachers. This is a whole new process for me since I have not been to mainland China before and helping people understand what is all needed before hand is pretty important.

Your original post set my expectations as to what to look forward to. When I get my Z Visa, I am sure the wild ride is not over because then I will need to get the residence permit and change my visa from Z to something else because the Z visa is only for 1 entry and I know that I will be traveling this year.


bao luo:
Your Z visa is cancelled immediately at the airport when you arrive. After that, you have about one month to get your Resident's Permit. When you have this in your passport, it functions the same way as a year-long multi-entry visa. You can travel in and out of China by just showing your Resident's Permit at customs. You are not issued with any other visa.


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