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I am looking for an Chinese teacher with a lesson plan who is interested to give me private classes. I hope to start next week with an average of two hours a week at USTC (on East Campus very close to North Gate). I am at beginner level. For now, I am mostly interested in learning conversational Chinese, down the road interested in learning basic reading/writing.

I know a qualified young lady who gives a few other expats on the USTC campus private chinese lessons. Her name is Dora. Her email address is: dorachu@hotmail.com. Her QQ number is: 825174962.

bao luo:
I've been taking weekly Chinese lessons from Andy Wu for a few years. He now has classrooms on Changjiang Rd. www.visionmandarin.com
Andy has an MA in linguistics and taught Chinese at East China Normal University for 7 years. He has a range of course books and does group/corporate classes also. I recommend him.

Another friend of mine who teaches Chinese is Dr. Jiang. He is an overseas Chinese who lived in the US for many years. He has teaching experience and has returned to Hefei for family reasons. He is accepting both foreign and Chinese students for private tutoring. Dr. Jiang speaks fluent English and Chinese and takes an earnest approach to teaching. 13696505287.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

This is Tiger, a well-educated teacher of English.
If in need, I can share with you of much Chinese culture including improving your Chinese ability.

best wishes


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