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Aussie Mike:
There is a French bakery in Hefei which has initially opened and sells some rather nice pastry, cakes and chocolate.
They have not completly opened yet as they are still fitting out the rooms and roof deck.
Once completed it should be a great place for small groups and couples to gather for a quiet coffee and snacks.
The cafe has quite a nice French Provencial atmosphere and Phillipe the chef is French.

You can find it down the alley near the Shipyard.  It is about 50 metres down the walking lane on the left of the same building.

...but do they have bread that actually tastes like bread? Or is it that cream bread/bread with tuna floss on it?

Aussie Mike:
It's French.

La Bretagne:
Hi everybody,

We just arrived in HEFEI. I read this message about a french bakery and cafe...where is it located ? Thanks
See you

Aussie Mike:
I noticed its closed now.


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