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Change Visa type?


Hello guys,

Was searching online for some info if it´s possible to change from a regular tourist visa to a F or the new S2 visa type without having to exit China but i had no luck as the opinions are very divergent  :( and i called the exit an entry bureau here in Hefei and they told me it´s only possible to change the visa type by requesting it outside of china.
Can some of you clear this doubt?

Aussie Mike:
You can extend Z or F in Hefei but you can't apply for issue of Z or F within China.
You can change from Z or F to L in Hefei but not back to F or Z.

It seems that you must apply for a Z visa from your home country, although it may still be possible to apply from HongKong.  This has not been confirmed yet.

Thanks for the replies guys :)
I am going to look into this tomorrow with the exit bureau, i am going there personally, wish me luck i will post how it went. 


--- Quote from: 大枪 on January 24, 2014, 01:03:09 PM ---I've also heard of foreigners up north doing the Mongolia run.

--- End quote ---

Mongolia run?  Interesting.  Usually it's HK, with more people optiing for Macao.  So, this Mongolia thing sounds interesting.  I will look into it a bit more.

Thanks for the heads up.

EDIT:  Just checked.  For Canadian citizens, a visa is not required to enter, and we can stay up to 30 days.  I will look more into this.


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