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More than six million people living in Australia were not born there


Aussie Mike:
We have come a long way since the "White Australia" immigration policy was abolished.  White Australia policy was instigated around the 1850's to discourage the Chinese miners from coming to the digs by restricting immigration.  It was later changed to include all non-European migrants which remained in place until the mid 70's.

Read about the history of White Australia policy

Here is an article on immigration from the 2013 census.

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New migration figures have revealed - with Western Australia having the highest proportion of migrants.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals that in June 2013 Australia's population included 6.4 million migrants or 28 per cent of the population - an increase of 1.7 million people in the past decade.

That peaked in WA, with more than one third of WA's population now born overseas, and twice as many British expats living in the west than anywhere else in Australia.

"The proportion of overseas born residents in Western Australia has continued to increase from one Census to the next," said Bjorn Jarvis, director of demography at the ABS.

Across Australia, people born in the United Kingdom remained the largest group of migrants with more than 1.2 million calling Australia home.

They were followed by 608,800 from New Zealand, 427,600 from China and 369,700 from India.

State breakdowns show Western Australia now has 33.4 per cent, or 786,500 people, who were not born in Australia.

They also recorded the largest increase in the proportion of overseas born residents, up from 29.9 per cent in 2006.

Victoria has the second-highest proportion, with 28.7 per cent - or 1,589,800 residents - born overseas, with higher proportions of residents born in India (2.3 per cent), Italy (1.5 per cent), Vietnam (1.4 per cent), Greece (1.1 per cent) and Sri Lanka (0.9 per cent) than any other state or territory.

The Northern Territory had the highest proportion of people born in the Philippines (1.9 per cent).
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