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Insofar as it is possible, give me your unbiased opinion on which would be the best english language course for an adult to enroll in. As a foreigner, I'm acutely aware that many if not most English language schools prioritize making money over teaching, advertising their of 'foreign teachers' as a kind of bait to get kid's parents on hook. So please don't just say your school and then give me its very creaky spiel. I want to know which one offers the best value for money? Where would you actually send your children if you really wanted them to learn English?

I think you have two options.

1. New Oriental (http://english.neworiental.org). They are extremely popular, have good teachers, a wide range of classes, and schedules, and many different locations. I have never heard someone disparage new oriental.

2. David's Language School. There's no website, but many of the foreigners know (Chinese) David. He's a very reputable and upstanding individual who is running his own training school. He was formerly the district manager of training schools in Wuhan and gives lectures on how to teach NCE. He's knowledgably, friendly, and will at the very least sit down and talk to you candidly about what he can and cannot do for you. I would highly suggest giving him a call: 15056917799. You can also see him at Shipyard or Stone and Wood every so often as well.

Aussie Mike:
Vision Mandarin Website
The best reports come from this school.

Otherwise AnDa University has Chinese courses which also get good reports.

One day I will choose between these.

Thanks for the tips!


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