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Does anyone of any good areas to go cycling in around Hefei, perhaps to some of the outlying villages. Since spring is almost upon us, I would like to take the opportunity to see some of the surrounding countryside. But it would have to be on country roads, because I do not think the main roads would be very safe enough.

This being the land of bicycles, someone here must have a good idea.

Aussie Mike:
SanHe Ancient town Google map

This is worth a visit.
Long trip for bicycle though but not too far for fit cyclists.
I'd consider an over-nighter. There is quite a lot to see.
Leave Hefei in the morning and time your return for the next afternoon.

Sorry this is a little late, but out of curiosity, if a person wanted to do this route, how would he travel there? Google offers highways, or at least what looks like more major roads, I wouldn't really want to do that. If anyone has done this too I would be interested to hear about your experience


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