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waddaya think of Hefei now?


According to the Economist, only the fatest growing metropolitan economy in the world?

Aussie Mike:
This is really just the beginning for Hefei.
The infrastructure is not complete yet, watch it over the next 10 years, it will amaze many.

Does the recent fog in Hefei have the same origin as that in Beijing and other cities in North China? In other words, is this one gigantic fog or many different fogs? If things continue like this, I think we'll all be too dead to enjoy Hefei's development in 10 years' time, and I would definitely not raise a young child in a city with such poor quality of air.

But now that we know the worst offenders, which are the best places in China to live for quaility of air. I imagine coastal cities. But does anyone know for sure?

Aussie Mike:
It's a weathery thing.
This has happened before a few times, one year I could hardly see the traffic lights.

The air is sooo much cleaner than 2004. Sometimes you get to see some blueish skys.


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