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EtonHouse Intl School:

Hi all,

EtonHouse International School, Nanjing can provide an excellent education to the children of expat families in Hefei. At present we have 5 international families who opt to send their children to Nanjing for this purpose.

For a brief introduction to our school see below or check out our website...
The EtonHouse Group is a Singapore-based educational group that provides educational services through International Schools, Pre-Schools and Early Childhood Teacher Education Courses in 8 countries across Asia.

Registered with the Ministry of Education in Singapore and China, EtonHouse is a member of the Council of International Schools. Since its establishment in 1995, the Group has grown to 52 international schools and pre-schools operating in eight countries – Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam attended by over 5,000 children from more than 54 different nationalities.

In Nanjing we are a growing school with over 70 students from around the world. We have approx 30% Western students, 20% HK & Taiwan students, 30% Korean, 20% mainland Chinese who will move abroad to further their studies. Many of our students are from mixed marriages too.

We understand that an international school education can be expensive to many (especially when more than one child wishes to attend and when your employer is not covering the cost) Therefore we try our best to accommodate and support any children/families who are missing out on a top quality education.

We also provide scholarships for students who are high achieving students, families who cannot contemplate the high fees and to parents who provide a service to the community but are unable to meet the financial burden(entrepreneurs are also considered). However, please note that places are limited for these places. Should you believe your family qualifies please forward a family introduction, why you believe you qualify, the length of your planned stay in China and a family photo to the admissions team

We look forward to hearing from you.

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