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attractions (with Chinese)
« on: March 15, 2012, 06:04:54 AM »

(*) central.

Historical/Interest Spots

* 合肥城隍庙 Héféi chénghuángmiào (Temple market) 庐阳区合肥霍邱路99号 Luyang Rd. A market + temple area where you can buy everyday items. Known for cheap products. http://365jia.cn/news/images/2011-03-07/4D0D86A71F63F650.html The market use to be bustling with peddlers but recently underwent renovation. Still worth a look.
* 包公园 Bāo​gōng​yuán (Bao Gong Park)​ The park itself is free and dedicated to Bao Gong, a national historical figure whose hometown was Hefei. On the Wuhu Rd side of Bao Gong yuan are Bao Gong's tomb (包公墓), a memorial temple (包公祠), and Qingfeng Ge (清风阁) (a tower built in 1999 to commemorate 1000th anniversary of Bao Gong). You can walk into the tomb of Bao Gong and climb the tower for a view across the park and city. A ticket for all three attractions costs about 50RMB without guide.

* 合肥淮河路步行街 Héféi Huáihé lù bùxíngjiē (Hefei’s main pedestrian mall). Along the mall is 李鸿章故居 Lihóngzhāng gùjū (Former residence of Li Hong Zhang) + 合肥明教寺 Héféi míngjiào sì (Mingjiao temple). From the Suzhou lu end of the mall is 市政府广场 Shì zhèngfǔ guǎngchǎng (Municipal government square).

三河古镇 Sānhé gǔ zhèn  (San he ancient town) 肥西县 Feixi county. Day trip, about 1.5 hour from Hefei by minibus. Definitely worth a visit. Ancient village with narrow cobbled alleyways and lots of ambiance. Well-known for its 米酒 Mǐjiǔ (rice wine). Catch bus at 南门环城站 Nán ménhuán chéng zhàn (South Gate Ring station) on 金寨路 Jīn zhài lù

* 裕丰花卉市场 Yù fēng huāhuì shìchǎng (Yu Feng flower market). An interesting market to stroll through. Sells plants, pots, sculptures, aquariums, pets, paintings, ornaments etc. Bus 137 from Municipal square. http://www.qqcy.com/News/NewsInfo1.aspx?News_1ID=4616

* 徽园 Huī yuán (Hui Park). This is a large cultural park with pavilions from all the major cities in Anhui province. In particular, there is one section with an underground tunnels used for ancient military purposes. Worthwhile visiting. Very close to Swan Lake and Hefei Aquarium. 繁华大道 Fánhuá dàdào Ph: (0551)63822004


蜀山风景区 Shǔshān fēngjǐng qū Dashu shan scenic area. Has 50 wax figures of prominent people in Anhui history and 23 scenes.

* 合肥大剧院 Héféi dà jùyuàn (Hefei Poly Grand Theater). Live theater and concerts and MBox cinema. www.hfgrandtheatre.com

* 合肥科技馆 Héféi kējì guǎn (Hefei Science and Technology Museum). 黄山路446号 Huángshān lù   www.hfstm.com

安徽省源泉徽文化民俗博物馆 Ānhuī shěng yuánquán huī wénhuà mínsú bówùguǎn (Anhui Folk Culture Museum). 安徽省合肥市蜀山区科学院路现代农业示范园1号 Out opposite the Botanical Gardens, not close to city center. A museum of Anhui folk practices and creative and cultural industries. http://www.yuanquanmuseum.com/en/

* 安徽省博物馆 Ānhuī shěng bówùguǎn (Anhui provincial museum). 安庆路268号 Ānqìng Rd.

* 安徽省博物馆新馆 Ānhuī shěng bówùguǎn xīn guǎn (New Anhui Museum). 蜀山区政务区嘉和路999号安徽文博园内 999 JiaHe Lu, Shushan district
   Ph: (0551)63736658 http://www.ahm.cn/english/index.jsp

* 安徽省地质博物馆 Ānhuī shěng dì zhì bówùguǎn (Anhui Geological Museum). Ph: (0551)3548036 合肥市嘉和路999号(省文博园内,与省博物馆新馆毗邻)
   999 JiaHe Lu (adjacent New Anhui Museum) http://www.ahgm.org.cn/

渡江战役纪念馆 Dù jiāng zhànyì jìniànguǎn (Yangtze River Crossing Campaign Memorial Hall). 合肥滨湖新区 Hefei bin hu area. A little far for a taxi from the city. http://www.djzyjng.cn/

安徽名人馆 (Anhui Hall of Fame). This museum has been rebuilt and is now immediately opposite 渡江战役纪念馆 Yangtze River Crossing Campaign Memorial Hall on Chao lake. Formerly, this attraction was located near Dashu mountain. The new address is the same as above. Basically, this is a museum with many scenes and life-like wax figures from Anhui history, like an Anhui version of Madame Taussads. Cost is 25RMB/person Ph: (0551)65388275

* 安徽省国际展览中心 Ānhuī shěng guójì zhǎnlǎn zhōngxīn (Anhui International Exhibition Center). 安徽合肥经济技术开发区繁华大道 Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone, Fanhua dadao

* 安徽大剧院 Ānhuī dà jùyuàn (Anhui Grand Theatre) 合肥市芜湖路301号 Wúhú lù 301 hào.   www.ahdjy.cn

* 安徽省黄梅戏剧院 Ānhuī shěng huángméixì jùyuàn (Anhui Huangmei Opera Theater) 桐城路136号 136 Tongcheng Lu. www.huangmeixi.com.cn

* 安徽省歌舞剧院 Ānhuī shěng gēwǔ jùyuàn (Anhui Provincial Opera and Dance Drama Theater) 宝他区曙光路45号 bāo hé qū shǔguāng lù 45 hào. (45
Shuguang lu, Baohe district) http://www.ah-gw.org/

* 安徽省话剧院 Ānhuī shěng huàjù yuàn (Anhui Drama Theater) 合肥市金寨路445号 Jīnzhài lù 445 hào www.ahshjy.cn

* 万盛江淮大戏院 Wànshèng jiānghuái dà xìyuàn (Wansheng JAC Grand Theater). 合肥市淮河路252号 Huáihé lù 252 hào  www.wansheng.net.cn

Parks/Scenic Spots

* 逍遥津公园 Xiāoyáo jīn gōngyuán (Xiaoyaojin park) 寿春路16号 Shòu chūn lù 16 hào. Many amusement rides and duckboats for hire. Gets very crowded on weekends/holidays. http://image.baidu.com/i?tn=baiduimage&ct=201326592&lm=-1&cl=2&fr=ala1&word=%E5%D0%D2%A3%BD%F2%B9%AB%D4%B0

* 包河公园 Bāo He gōngyuán (Lord Bao Park + temple + 包拯墓 Bāogōng de mù -- Bao Gong's tomb site) 芜湖路72号Wúhú lù. A ticket to climb the temple + see the tomb is about 100RMB/person for 3 places. The temple itself is not exceptional, but there is a view from the top.

* 杏花公园 Xìng huā gōngyuán (Xinghua Park) 庐阳区淮河西路482号 Huáihé xī lù. Usually less crowded than Xiaoyaojin park. In spring and summer, people fly kites there and practice tai chi early. You can often find people there practicing traditional Chinese instruments or singing opera. Has amusement rides and duckboats for hire.

* 环城公园 Huán chéng gōngyuán (Around the city park) 庐阳区环城南路29号 Lúyáng qū huán chéng nánlù 29 hào (South Huancheng Road,Luyang District). This is a fairly nondescript parkland that follows the lake encircling the central city.

* 瑶海公园合肥 Yáohǎi gōngyuán (Yaohai Park) 瑶海区 Yáohǎi qū (Yaohai district)

滨湖湿地森林公园 Bīn hú shīdì sēnlín gōngyuán (BinHu Forest Park Wetlands) This is an artificially created wetlands park on the top end of Chaohu lake. Entry is free and you can hire different kinds of tandem and quad bicycles to get around the park. The forest is quite peaceful and worth a trip if you haven't got anything better to do and don't go during the holidays. However, it's not really worth making special arrangements in your itinerary to visit. This park is not comparable to the Xixi National Wetlands Park in Hangzhou. Bus number 27 changing to 42 gets you there. http://www.mafengwo.cn/photo/poi/6726202.html

合肥植物园 Héféi zhíwùyuán (Hefei botanical garden) 近郊开发区环湖东路123号 Lake Rd. There's a nice bonsai garden there. 20yuan www.hefeibg.com

大圩乡Dà wéi Township (Outskirts of Hefei City). This is a village and farmland district about an hour out of Hefei on the city's outskirts. It's well-known to locals, and a lot of Hefei's fresh produce comes from there. It's a nice place to visit when the weather is good, esp. in spring. You can go there to pick seasonal produce, esp. grapes, strawberries, tomatoes by yourself, and there are many fish farms there too. You can catch bus 14 from municipal square to 包河花园 Bāo hé huāyuán (35mins), then change to bus 23 or get a taxi to Dà wéi township. A taxi direct from Hefei will cost maybe 80-100 RMB. However, at Dawei itself, there is not much in the way of public transport to help you get around the farms, so be prepared to do a bit of walking. Also a perfect place to cycle around or go on your motorbike.

牛角大圩 Niújiao dà wéi (Ox Horn Embankment). This is a newly established flower park/agricultural demonstration park out near the Bin Hu new area. Currently there are no direct bus routes. However, if you are driving or taking a taxi, a good map can be found here: http://news.hf365.com/system/2013/09/29/013469379.shtml. On page two of this link, there are four stars which indicate four possible routes to the attraction. Print these off and give to taxi driver from Hefei. You may catch a bus to Bin Hu CBD; however, you will need to catch a taxi from there to the attraction. From experience, I have found that taxis are relatively scarce at Bin Hu and the drivers tend to be more unscrupulous.

三国新城遗址公园 Héféi sānguó xīnchéng yízhǐ gōngyuán (Three Kingdoms Ruins Park) 庐阳区 Luyang district. North of the Botanical Gardens and a fair way out. Take bus 114 to Botanic Gardens then change to bus 300. 25 kuai entry. There are some minor pavilions etc there, and the trees are very picturesque in Spring. Not really worth a special trip out there if you have limited time.

丰乐生态园 Fēng lè shēngtài yuán (Feng le ecological park) 安徽省合肥市双凤工业区魏武路中段 Shuāng fèng gōngyè qū wèi wǔlù zhōngduàn (Shuangfeng industrial area, Wei Wu middle Rd) www.flsty.com 30RMB entry. Ph: (0551)66394699

紫蓬山 Zǐ péng shān (Zi Peng mountain) 肥西县 Feixi county.  A forest park with some walking tracks. There is a large buddhist temple at the top of the mountain and multi-storey Buddhist statues carved into the side of the mountain. Best to have a driver/take a local. Stop somewhere to try 肥西老母鸡 Féixi lǎo mǔjī (famous Feixi old hen) for lunch. About 30-45 mins drive from Hefei. Ph: (0551)68581222

大蜀山 Dàshǔ shān (Dashu mountain) 20 mins by taxi. A landmark scenic spot in Hefei. See across Hefei on a clear day. On fine days, the mountain is pretty crowded.

开福寺 At the bottom of Dàshǔ shān is 开福寺 Kāi fú sì (Kai Fu Buddhist temple)

合肥野生动物园 Héféi dòngwùyuán (Hefei Zoo) 望江西路600号 电话 Wàngjiāngxi lù, Shushan district. www.hfzoo.com

雪霁山庄  Xuě jì shānzhuāng (Snow Villa) 合肥市蜀山区玉兰大道8号(近名人馆)  Héféi shì shǔshān qū yùlán dàdào 8 hào (Magnolia Ave., at the foot of Dàshǔ mountain). I have included this here because it can be combined with a trip to Dashu mountain, Kaifu temple and Hefei Zoo all within the same day. These attractions are very close to each other. This is a pretty unique kind of traditional Anhui opera + dining hall. Watch performances in the evening and eat hui cuisine. Good cultural experience. Call for show times ph: 5165777, 5388587

翡翠湖风景区Fěicuì hú (Emerald Lake scenic area) 开发区大学城内 Development zone University City. Hire tandem bikes and pedal around the lake. Good place to have a picnic or read a book. Few people and quiet.

安徽大学翡翠湖风景区 Ānhuī dàxué fěicuì hú xiàoqū (Anhui University Fěicuì hú campus). Adjacent Fěicuì lake.

天鹅湖 Tiān'é hú (Hefei Swan Lake) 市蜀山区 Shushan district. There is an artificial beach there + 合肥大剧院 Héféi dà jùyuàn (Hefei Poly Grand Theater). Live theater and concerts and MBox cinema.

巢湖Cháo Hú (Chao lake). Sights on or around the lake, including Lao Shan in the middle and Zhongmiao Temple on the northern bank. There are also some natural springs. Catch bus at 合肥汽车站 (Hefei Bus station) at  明光路168号Míngguāng lù 168 hào.

岱山湖 Dàishān hú (Daishan lake) 岱山湖旅游度假区肥东县 Daishan Lake tourist resort, Feidong county. Somewhere to go if you have a driver and want to get out into the countryside. There are some minor attractions there incl. 4 wheel buggies, skirmish, and a buddhist temple with large statue on the lake. www.dslake.com  

Eat streets and restaurants

**List can be found here: http://hefeiexpat.com/forum/food/hefei's-notable-restaurants/


* Temple Market (合肥城隍庙 Chénghuángmiào). A bustling market area with sellers peddling low-end household goods and knickknacks. Always bargain well here and be careful of your belongings. **NOTE** AS AT MAY 2014, THE TEMPLE MARKET AREA IS CLOSED AND UNDER RENOVATION. This is a link to what the redevelopment will look like: http://www.ahbc.com.cn/ProjectInfo.aspx?clientin=F9FFE0824437E9BF  

* Wanda Plaza (合肥万达广场 Wàndá guǎngchǎng). A large shopping mall + cinema complex. Has Starbucks, movie cinemas, and a variety of restaurants on the top level. The mall is very new. 包河区马鞍山路与芜湖路交叉口(Ma On shan lu) hf.wanda.cn

* Wanda Plaza Swan Lake (合肥天鹅湖万达广场 Wàndá guǎngchǎng Tiān'é hú) hf.wanda.cn

* Yintai Center (合肥银泰购物中心 Héféi Yíntài gòuwù zhòngxīn). Another very large shopping mall with restaurants on top level. This mall has a large number of exclusive stores etc. Cartier, Prada, Louis Vuitton etc. but also quite a few upper-mid range shops as well. No cinemas. 长江中游路98号 Chángjiāng zhōngyóu lù 98 hào (98 Changjiang middle road) ahyt.intime.com.cn

* Baida CBD Mall (百大CBD购物中心 Bǎidà CBD gòuwù zhòngxīn). Comprises one large, multi-level department store. There is also a Habitat Coffee lounge in the center that has a very nice atmosphere. No restaurants or cinema. 庐阳区长江中路150号CBD中央广场 (Chángjiāng lù 150 hào) www.hfbdjt.com/cbd/index.asp

* Guo Gou Plaza (合肥国购广场 Guo Gou guǎngchǎng). A reasonably large shopping mall + cinema complex. Has a few restaurants on the top level (but not as much variety as Wanda) + movie cinema. The center has a very large Carrefour supermarket/dept. store. This is one of the older malls in Hefei. Cosmo New City mall is right next door. 长江路199号 Chángjiāng lù 199 hào (Changjiang West Road)

*Cosmo New City (之心城 Zhī xīn chéng). A brand new shopping mall complex with ice skating ring and cinema complex. Has some restaurants on top level and in basement level. Good place for clothes shopping. The main department store is Grand Ocean. Has H&M, Gap, Nike etc. 长江西路199号(近国购广场) 199 Changjiang West Rd (next to Guo Gou plaza)

* Yuan Yi Times Square (元一时代广场 Yuán yī shídài guǎngchǎng). Has a Walmart and Parkson department store + cinemas. This is one of the older malls in Hefei. 新站区胜利路89 Xīnzhàn qū shènglì lù 89 www.yuanyitimes.com/

* Hefei Bai Shui Ba (合肥白水坝 Bái shuǐbà). A medium-sized mall based around one large TESCO supermarket. The center has quite a few clothing stores and restaurants, incl. Korean. In warmer months, sellers set up a small night market in the square outside. 蒙城北路 MengCheng bei lu.

* Carrefour Shopping Center on Ma’anshan Rd (家乐福 吗 鞍山路 Jiālèfú Ma'ānshān lù). 马鞍山路1000号 (1000 Ma'anshan lu Baohe district)

* Metro (麦德龙 Mài​dé​lóng​) This is a kind of bulk-buy German supermarket chain, warehouse-like layout. Has extensive range of food items, household goods, applicances, clothing etc. In particular, it has a large (largest in Hefei) range of imported wines and spirits. It also has the largest imported foods section in Hefei. There is an on-site bakery that still doesn't produce very authentic bread. It also has a large walk-in refrigerated dairy section where you can buy cheese. It's the only place I know of where you can buy cheese in Hefei. 东流路与徽州大道交叉口 East ring road and Huizhou Ave. intersection.

* Hóngxīng lù (红星路 Hóngxīng St.) A tree-lined street with little boutique clothing stores and some homewares/knickknack stores.

* Women's Street (女人街 Nǚrén jiē) This is a newly renovated walking street with clothing, shoe, and accessory shops for women. It is located a few streets down from Hongxing lu (off Jinzhai road 金寨路).

* 合肥步行街 Héféi bùxíngjiē (Hefei’s main pedestrian street). Includes Gu Lou, a well-known, high-quality department store on the Suzhou lu end of the mall. Also includes a Parkson department store and Starbucks. Many clothing retailers. A cinema complex is near the temple. After 9 pm, street sellers peddle goods and the pedestrian street is transformed into a night market.

Bars and Clubs

** Comprehensive list can be found here: http://hefeiexpat.com/forum/nightlife/running-list-of-bars-and-clubs-in-hefei-%28with-chinese%29/


合肥海洋世界 Héféi hǎiyáng shìjiè (Hefei Sea World/aquarium) 繁华大道321 Fánhuá dàdào. Along the same road is  合肥徽园 Héféi huī yuán (Huī yuán tourist park. Pavilions showcase each city in Anhui) 繁华大道276 Fánhuá dàdào. www.hfuww.com

合肥欢乐岛 Héféi huānlè dǎo (Hefei Happy Island) 合肥市经济开发区繁华大道315号 315 Fánhuá dàdào. A leisure and amusement park with rides, activities etc. http://www.ahhld.com/

安徽馥邦赛车俱乐部D1卡丁车馆 Ānhuī fù bāng sàichē jùlèbù D1 kǎ dīng chē guǎn (Anhui Fu Bang Racing Club D1 Indoor Go-Karting) 新站区铜陵北路与物流大道交叉口馥邦汽车城3栋 Xīn zhàn qū, tónglíng běi lù yǔ wùliú dàdào jiāochā kǒu, fù bāng qìchē chéng 3 dòng (New Station area, intersection of Tongling North Rd and Wuliu Ave., Fu Bang Motor City 3). http://www.d1kart.com/ and also http://travel.anhuinews.com/system/2012/02/01/004738221.shtml. The price is 60RMB/6 minutes.

* 合肥天安保龄球馆 Héféi Tiān'ān bǎolíngqiú guǎn  (Tian an Bowling Alley) 马鞍山路68号 Mǎ'ānshān lù 68 hào 68 Ma'anshan Rd

* 冠军溜冰场 Guànjūn liūbīng chǎng (Champion Ice Rink) 蜀山区长江西路189号大洋百货之心城6楼 6th Floor Zhi Xin Cheng 之心城 shopping mall. About 60RMB/hr  Ph: (0551)65189595 http://hf.meituan.com/deal/6434044.html?source=wandie&urpid=1622.140050018024.1130&_rdt=1&utm_campaign=AffProg&utm_medium=wandie&utm_source=www.nduotuan.com&utm_content=www.nduotuan.com%2Fhefei%2Fgo%2F%3F12001832&utm_term=1130

* 合肥华臣高尔夫练习场  Héféi Huáchén gāo'ěrfū liànxí chǎng (Hefei Watson Golf Driving Range) 芜湖路97号省老明光体育场 Wúhú lù 97 hào shěng lǎo míngguāng tǐyùchǎng (97 Wuhu lu, Old Minguang Stadium) 0551-2860856 Monday to Saturday 5:30 pm - 12:00 pm Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm.
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Re: attractions in Chinese
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good ;)


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AWESOME! Thanks a lot for compiling these info!

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Some places I wasn't aware of.

Great! Thanks
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Re: attractions in Chinese
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not many natural beaut points in the list.  u may consider to travel to South Anhui (Huangshan Area, more than that mountain, there are many ancient towns famous not only for the natual beauty, fresh air, reputed tea but also unique culture) and West Anhui (Lu An, Jin Zhai area, where famous national forest park named Heaven Town in Chinese Tian Tang Zhai locates)
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