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I like to swim or I like swimming


Here is a question for all my fellow English speaking friends, when asking students to introduce themselves as well as two of the things they like to do for fun, do you tell them to say "I like to swim" or "I like swimming"? 

I know gerunds and infinitives are interchangeable in many instances, but for this situation, I tell my kids to say I like to swim.  It sounds better, especially since they are telling the class of two things they like doing, rather than just one.  Them saying "I like swimming and playing computer games doesn't sound as good as I like to swim, and play computer games, at least in my eyes.  I mostly reserve +ing stuff for when I ask them in the moment, what are you doing? and they reply, I'm dancing, singing, etc.


Kim, thanks for the reply.

The way the kids will use this is when they introduce themselves, for example, "Hello.  My name is _________.  I am _ years old.  I'm a boy/girl.  I like to __________ and _____________.  I told my wife that in this scenario, going the infinitive route sounds better.

BTW, whilst must be an Aussie thing.  :P  In Canada, I don't think we were ever taught to use whilst in a sentence, but I must say, it does sound good the way you use it.


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