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Using the menu buttons to create a post.


Aussie Mike:
A subject must be entered to successfully post the message.

Use relevant keywords or short sentence to accurately describe the topic.
The resulting address and search results will be based on what you write.
e.g. http://hefeiexpat.com/forum/help-using-this-forum/using-the-menu-buttons-to-create-a-post/
or http://hefeiexpat.com/forum/feature-articles/try-your-penmanship/
Note- No bbcode can be used in the subject lineYou can attract attention to your post by selecting an appropriate message icon

StandardThumbs Up Thumbs DownExclaminationQuestion Idea lamp Smiley Angry Cheesy Sad WinkNow for the content

There are 2 ways of using the buttons, text highlight first or use the button first.
1. If you click first, the bbcode will be inserted in the page. [b][/b]
    You can type the text you want between the codes. [b]Type text here[/b].
2. Type your text first then select/highlight it. You can then click   ,   ,  
to get bold, underlined italics.
Some simple rules to follow
1. Code starts with [...] and ends with [/...]
    The code characters are inserted between the brackets e.g. [b]text[/b] and [img]http://location of image[/img]
2. I tend to copy code in notepad to fine-tune then copy back to the post.
    Sometimes the Internet fails to upload the post, at  least I have a copy.

BtnStyleBulletin Board Code How it's usedBold[b][/b][b]Text to make bold[/b]Italics[i][/i][i]Text to make italic[/i]Underline[u][/u][u]Text to make underlined[/u]Strikethrough[s][/s][s]Show text as strikethrough[/s]Glow[glow=red,2,300][/glow][glow=red,2,300]Glows text in choice of colours.  IE not Firefox[/glow]Shadow[shadow=red,left][/shadow][shadow=red,left]Shows text as shadowed left or right in choice of colours.  IE not Firefox[/shadow]Move[move]Move[/move][move]Ticket tapes text across the page or within columns [/move]Preformated[pre][/pre][pre]Displays text in a different format[/pre]Left[left][/left]Aligns text to the left[/left]Centre[center]Aligns text to the centre[/center]Right[right]Aligns text to the right[/right]Horizontal rule no end codeFont size[size=14pt][/size][size=14pt]Change the size of the text[/size]Font face[font=Verdana][/font][font=Verdana]Change the text font type[/font] Change Colour[color=green][/color][color=green]Change the text colour[/color]Flash[flash=200,200][/flash]Embeds a flash animation.Image Picture[img]Places a picture in the post[/img]http://URL[url]new page[/url]or [iurl]in frame[/iurl]Link text to sites in new window or in the same frameemail@...com[email]email@...com[/email][email]links to e-mail address[/email]FTP://url[ftp][/ftp][ftp]ftp://...file site[/ftp]Table[table][/table]Creates a tables - insert rows and cells betweet the codeRow[table][tr][td][/td][/tr][/table]
[table][tr][td]1 table and 1 row[/td][td]2 cells[/td][/tr][/table]Cell[table][tr][td][/td][/tr][/table] Superscript[sup]Superscript[/sup]Good for 28o and 100m2Subscript[sub]Subscript[/sub]Good for h2OTeletype[tt][/tt][tt]Shows text in teletype style[/tt]
--- Quote ---Quote
--- End quote ---
[quote]Quote[/quote][quote]Displays text in a box[/quote]
--- Code: ---Insert code
--- End code ---
[code][/code]Allows extra coding for advanced usersBullet list
* [list]
[/list]Displays text is bullet list form

* point 1
* point 2[/list]


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