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Aussie Mike:
Web International

This company has a reputation for cancelling classes.

They pay on time
The school is clean
Chinese staff are usually friendly and interested

WEB has difficulty obtaining visas for foreigners
Housing offered is often sub-standard
Lesson plans are usually irrelevent
Not a consistant English environment (not everyone speaks English)

They expect you fall in line
Rich kid baby-sitting
Too many chiefs and not enough indians

Aussie Mike:
I disagree with you, there are some great schools and I know ONE perfect FT but I'm too humble to tell you who it is.  ;D

 My friend works for Web.  They said that Web have reverted to type.  That is, a belief that the foreigne teachers are to be treated as though they were of no more importance than a piece of furniture.  One teacher has already left and others are likely to follow soon.
 This comes at a time when other schools are realising that not only are the FTs a valuable asset but replacing them is virtually impossible due to the Hefei visa rules.  When will Web learn?  Never it seems.

That's the problem with a lot of these places.  Ask the world from the foreign teachers, yet leave them in the dark about many things.  I can't count the number of times classes were cancelled or rescheduled without telling me prior.  Or special events popping up without letting me know first.  This shit gets old really quickly.  And no, the schools DONT learn, which is sad.

It's good we have Hefei Expat to keep them "somewhat" honest.


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