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Labour Day Promotion RMB588net per room night in The Westin Hefei Baohe


Stay Dates: April 29 to May 4
Rate:  RMB 588 net including 1 or 2 breakfast (Rates are for Westin rooms only)
Rate Fencing: at least 2 nights’ stay
Reservation: call at 0551 2989888

Aussie Mike:
This is a response to a spammer who's account and posts has been deleted and is also signal to other like minded parasites.
Good try you span artist.

Make a comment just to spam does not work here. I read ALL posts.
If you actually try to make it appropriate to the board and thread you might get the chance to keep the post published.

Blatant spam will be deleted with your account as you just found out. Keep trying, I love deleting posts which have no relevance. Thanks for the effort, it makes us realise we have a product that is worthy enough for you to try to cash in on.
I realise all readers will not understand this post because I deleted the parasite's account. I don't usually respond to parasites other than delete the account and all posts but I want others to know. Pay some respect to those who put in the effort.

Posts which are relevant to Expats and English speakers in China are welcome. Spam is NOT and will always be dealt the same way.

Sorry 大枪,
your humour is appreciated to those who saw the post before I deleted it.


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