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XinHua University is an Excellent school to work for


Aussie Mike:
Each of the foreign teachers have stayed for years.

The school deal with cultural differences well and are as flexible as they can be.
I've never had visa or pay issues with them.

The students in general are interested and progressive.

You must be degree qualified to contract there.

I've renewed my contract there happily...  ;D


how are the conditions there? Money, hours, holiday pay etc?

Aussie Mike:
I consider the pay to be above average but not high with 1/2 pay for the holidays, 2 breaks of nearly 2 months each.

The school looks after the teachers as well as they can, e.g. they timetable my classes to suit me and this year I have my own classroom and that was not easy for them to arrange.  I get to plan my own programs and run my classes as I feel appropriate.  I set my own monitoring, assessment and levels.

I only attend staff meetings which are conducted in English  ;D but get updates when I need them.

The students are interested most of the time and I have high attendance.

I turned down on campus accommodation because I like my privacy so I rent an apartment near the school.

Of all the schools I have worked at, and some very good, I like it here.

The canteen and campus food is disgusting but there are some reasonable and cheap restaurants across the road.

Old post revived....

@Mike: What are the pre-requisites to get in the door as a teacher, in Hefei? I don't have any teaching experience, except that of a mother of a three-year-old and tutoring some children on a cattle station, through School-of-Air. I do

Kind Regards.


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