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Author Topic: Anhui Soccer Team 1- Hefei Inter 0  (Read 4524 times)


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Anhui Soccer Team 1- Hefei Inter 0
« on: October 12, 2010, 06:03:03 am »

What can I say,a terrific " Retour" it was between the two sides.The show all began when the stars and regulars of Hefei Inter(Mike,Eric,Hills,Julius.the EGs...etc)touched down at the An Nong Da school playground.Next came the Anhui TV crew,the fanfair had just begun.With the regular looks and chicken fever spreading really fast around the Anhui team camp,the game was just a rap with scores already predicted in favor of the Hefei Inter..by fans and birds even fom the opposite camp
Whats next?????was the question contemplated by the 11caps defending the reds.Give it up now or lose it later,the choice was tough.Well how about we use the referee,fans support home advantage to our favor,went the Anhui team....etc how about that strategy,Not a bad idea,lets do this...

So the game started,Ofcourse Hefei International as you'd expect played with all confidence and had the ball under control for most part of the first half.Worth mentioning here the absence of some of Hefei Inter's bests...(Tim,Ernest,Alan)

to be cont..
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