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Sorry, just saw this now- thanks so much for the info!!

Hi all, we are a 50-something U.S. couple (kids all grown and gone) moving this summer to Hefei for hubby to be a math teacher at the new American School of Hefei. Has anyone heard anything about this development? Apparently they're leasing space for this first year from an existing, really nice high school, and will be building the new $120 mil. facility on 26 acres somewhere in the city. Waiting list of 400 students for 2018-19 school year.

I've browsed through many posts, learning about VPN, places to go, medical and banking issues, etc.- thanks to everyone for all the info over the years! We're very excited for this new adventure- have traveled a lot and been living in The Bahamas for the past 3 years... I know, huge leap now to Hefei!

The school will be providing our housing in a complex with the other (this year, only 7) teachers, but we don't know where yet. They're also getting our visas, although I won't have a job yet (possilble opportunity with the new school, but not right away.) Does anyone know how I will stay there after the first 30 days (is that right?) of a Z visa, while hubby gets his work permit? Other than that, the perks/benefits of the job seem really good- health insurance, transportation, cell phone...

Also, no one seems to really like talking about air quality... Can we purchase a good air purifier when we get there? What about the masks? Necessary or no?

How about heat in buildings? Likely or not? How do you all manage?

As for VPN, I know nothing about how it works. I see the router on Hefei Connect. Do we need to do something before we leave, or can we tackle this within China? (Probably a dumb question.)

Thanks in advance!

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