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Guestbook / Choose the biodegradable food packaging
« on: May 17, 2022, 05:41:11 am »

The environment is an important area of concern for everyone, communities and organizations today. Today, every industry, every occasion, every celebration and every enterprise must fundamentally address the environmental issues that fall within its purview and scope of operation.black paper gift bags wholesale Organizations, governments and big brands have even gone a step further, doing everything possible to maintain a clean and livable environment for future generations. Going green and working to preserve and protect the planet's flora and fauna is an integral part of every corporate social responsibility initiative.

Biodegradable food packaging
Food packaging is a huge industry today. Efforts to go green in some industries will certainly bring positive changes.paper cold cups Biodegradable food packaging is a new trend that is also gaining popularity among consumers.disposable food containers There are lighter, easier to handle and cheaper options than regular packaging options for food.

Biodegradable food packaging trays are mainly used for packaging fresh vegetables and fruits.serving trays These biodegradable trays have really boosted sales of specialty fruits and vegetables because of their visual appeal and small packaging, making some expensive fruits and vegetables affordable. The packaging also keeps food fresh and clean.cold drink disposable cups Biodegradable food containers are primarily used for food packaging and transportation.printed compostable cups Containers are mainly used for transport purposes and food storage purposes. Biodegradable containers have also proven to be a successful alternative to packaged dairy and other canned foods.
Paper bags and pouches

Biodegradable paper bags are mainly used to carry food.biodegradable containers Some popular brands in the food industry have switched to paper bags. Important biodegradable packaging options for food and beverages include all of the packaging listed above -- biodegradable containers, pallets, paper and pouches -- and so on. All of these packaging utilities are used to package different kinds of food.
kids ice cream cup
Learn more about green food packaging containers, materials and solutions at Hyde Packaging, a B2B portal that includes a complete list of paper cups, paper bags, biodegradable cutlery and disposable cutlery sets.

Guestbook / Save planet by carrying custom paper bags
« on: May 17, 2022, 05:40:11 am »
Custom paper shopping bags can let your company speak for itself. These are among the cheapest ways to establish yourself to potential consumers. It also provides a vehicle in which you can tell the world about your goals and efforts, such as recycling and going green.disposable cups with logo However, going green is a red-hot trend that every business is following. Therefore, if you are looking for quality promotional material, custom paper will undoubtedly take your brand to the next level.

Paper logo bags can be successfully promoted for your brand.  Communicate clearly with your potential customers by using paper shopping bags. Unlike plastic bags, they are flexible and strong. They don't break down so easily that printed logos become visible to society.32oz paper cup Since the purpose of communication is to be understood and involves the medium, the promotional paper bag clearly conveys the message to potential buyers and waits for a huge response in the form of sales.
Custom paper bags can be arranged according to the organization's preference. cardboard pizza boxes Also, it may come in a variety of colors. No wonder some people collect paper bags from different stores and boutiques. Indeed, if you're carrying an item from a well-known clothing line, you'll look extra chic.

Another lead package is its price. It's one of the most affordable ways to advertise. Paper is the main element and is easy to carry in your pocket. But choosing the right quality materials when making paper promotional bags is a must.disposable coffee lids Do not use thin paper.compostable plastic cup It should be thick and solid. Therefore, in the case of sudden rain, you do not have to worry about corrosion of the bag. disposable hot coffee cups Today, modern technology has further enriched one component of the paper bag. Custom paper bags now have longevity and durability so people can use them over and over again.

Paper bags are also an alternative to plastic bags, which are bad for the environment.sushi plate The use of plastic bags has been severely condemned by some environmental organizations, because its harmful ingredients will affect our ozone layer. It represents the goal of most agencies to join the war on global warming. Finally, they can be recycled.black pizza box Save the world and save your budget. This is the basic expression left to us by the promotional paper bag.

Guestbook / How to produce high quality bagasse products
« on: April 09, 2022, 12:53:56 am »

Over time, everyone is using biodegradable and environmentally friendly products; Ten years ago, people left to provide food.mini pizza boxes wholesale Today, no one can use this stuff except in a few states. With environmental challenges and gatherings, occasions and celebrations, leaves do not function well, hence the choice of sugarcane products identified as bagasse products. In addition, the products are made from renewable resources, so they are healthier.
single wall paper cup manufacturer
customized pla cup

The production process of bagasse products
Many products are made from sugar cane. As a professional environmental protection company, Hyde offers you unique and high quality bagasse products, such as plates, bowls and so on. Before discussing the functions of our products, let's start with how we make bagasse products. The process starts with recycled bagasse material; The material contains wet pulp.paper coffee cups with handles However, this wet pulp needs to be converted to dry pulp at the beginning of the process; By converting wet pulp to dry pulp, we ensure pure product quality.
We also need to add oil and water resistant substances to make the material strong and durable.biodegradable tableware After completing this process, the material will enter the machine according to various molds, according to product requirements such as bowls and plates. All products have been tested by experts and are resistant to oil and water, making them the perfect choice for every food. Finally, products are sent to consumers for various uses such as parties, birthdays, celebrations, supplies, etc.
The above is our high quality bagasse product manufacturing process
Multi - lattice bagasse board
Multi - inch bagasse round and deep sheet
Bagasse round deep bowl
Bagasse flip box
french fry cups paper wholesale

The above are a few of the bleached white food products of bagasse products that are disposable and available; However, in addition to this, we have multiple compartments and the same products of wheat straw and natural ivory.wholesale pla spoon All of our products are lightweight and easy to use. However, it is environmentally friendly and comes with a tight lid. The product has high heat resistance, best for hot and cold food.ice cream cups with lids At the same time, the product is natural, solid, solid; Contact us for the perfect product for your ideal business.

Guestbook / Definitive facts about french fries box
« on: April 09, 2022, 12:48:58 am »
Have you ever eaten potato chips? Of course, your answer is yes! Nowadays, at every occasion or party, French fries, as they are called, are everyone's favorite snack, especially children's. In addition, there are many shops in the city making French fries to provide delicious French fries to his customers.china 10 inch pizza box If you are a food business owner, or especially if you are making French fries for your customers, then we are sure you know the value of packaging materials such as french fries boxes.wholesale pla mugs French fries boxes are used to pack and serve French fries for your customers, however, for health reasons, it is important to use good quality and raw materials from these crates.wholesale kraft paper soup cup There are many things you need to consider before choosing a French fry box for your business, and we've documented some of them.
Chip boxes need to be oil-proof food grade.
Environmentally friendly materials.

wholesale pla cup

It needs to be light and easy to assemble.
Shape, size and good shape
Above is you need to pay attention to when buying fries box of a few things, but, if you are looking for this kind of high quality and high quality for your enterprise's box, Hyde is fries box manufacturers, you can get from you kraft paper box of French fries,custom french fry cups French fries, the white paper box and pockets and large fries box, for your business, parties, stealing food, activities, supplies, etc.
You will get a wholesale price from us as we provide you with a variety of options for printing French fries and you will get different sizes of French fries depending on your needs.pizza box chinese supplier Our customer's most valuable and popular box is a 5 inch French fry box that is easy to use for packaging and serving French fries. We have exported these products, so people say French fry box exporters,china 16 inch pizza boxes because of our high quality and today's best prices, our fast food boxes have been in the global market to meet the needs of every food business.

We believe this article will help you choose a professional paper packaging supplier like us.wholesale kraft soup cup If you have any questions or questions, then please take the time to contact us and we will meet all your quality french fries box needs.

New Arrivals / Disposable paper divided into hot paper cup
« on: December 17, 2021, 12:41:06 am »
Disposable paper cups are paper containers made of wood pulp and processed into base paper.  Generally, there are two kinds of coatings on the inner wall of paper cups, one is waxed paper cup, and the other is PE coated paper cup.
Can not mix hot and cold paper cups.
Both paper cups are not suitable for alcoholic beverages. paper baking cups Alcohol has strong permeability and is easy to cause leakage. The longer the time, the more leakage.
Disposable paper cups cannot be reused and their firmness will be reduced.

Waxed paper cups.
Waxed paper cups are coated with wax on the inner wall of the paper cup to isolate the food or drinking water inside the paper cup from direct contact with the paper container.  It is now generally used as a cold drink cup. 4oz paper cups Some people have said that waxed paper cups cannot be filled with hot drinks, because the wax on the surface will melt and mix into the food, affecting health.
This statement is actually inaccurate. First of all, we must make it clear that the wax layer in the formal and qualified disposable paper cups is edible wax, which is non-toxic and insoluble in water. paper popcorn bags It can be excreted in a small amount of consumption.
However, the melting point of edible wax is indeed very low, relatively stable between 0°-5°. However, even if you add hot water, edible wax will ingest a small amount of the body, so you don’t have to panic if you don’t use it frequently.
paper medicine cups

Coated (PE) paper cups.
The PE paper cup is covered with a PE film on the inner wall of the paper cup, popcorn paper bag which is very smooth and can be water and oil resistant. Polyethylene is polyethylene, and polyethylene is a safe chemical substance in food processing, which is what we often call plastic.
This material is odorless, non-toxic, feels like wax, has low water absorption, and is often used as a waterproof material. Its melting point is between 120-140°, and the boiling point of water is between 100°. It is insoluble in water and safe to use.
At present, most disposable paper cups on the market are single-layer coated (PE) paper cups.

In waxed paper cups, conventional products use edible wax. Inferior products are likely to use industrial wax to reduce costs. Industrial wax contains impurities, and drinking can cause harm to the human body.
In the coated (PE) paper cups, hamburger paper bag conventional products use polyethylene (PE) materials. Moreover,  inferior products are likely to use recycled polyethylene to reduce costs. The recycled polyethylene will undergo cracking changes during the reprocessing process and produce a large amount of harmful compounds. It is easy to drift to the water during use and endanger health.

New Arrivals / Why are biodegradable plastics being advocated now?
« on: September 28, 2021, 08:26:33 am »

  Why are biodegradable plastics being advocated now? Isn't paper packaging easier to degrade and more environmentally friendly?
  In recent years, reports of animals dying after ingesting plastic waste, Marine environments full of non-biodegradable plastic waste, and even the discovery of microplastics in humans have made more people aware of the dangers of plastic pollution. popcorn cups bulk As a result, many countries around the world are boycotting the use of plastic bags and advocating greener alternatives to plastic products that take less than a few minutes to degrade but take at least hundreds of years to break down.
  Problems existing in paper packaging
  And in the past two years, the plastic policy is more mentioned in the ecological degradable plastic, there are also some people feel confused about this, to say degradable, paper packaging is not easier to degrade more environmentally friendly, so why don't we mainly promote paper packaging?
  Here we are going to have to make a concept "product life cycle", when we talk about a product is environmental protection, not only see whether will do harm to the environment after waste, but along the entire life cycle of products, ranging from the exploitation of raw materials, manufacture, transportation, distribution, use whether to eventually abandoned stage leads to pollution.
  From the point of view of the final waste stage, paper packaging does have a great advantage in terms of degradability, but in the stage of raw material exploitation, the destruction of forest trees, manufacturing and recycling and reproduction of the three wastes, has always been the focus of observation of environmental pollution. If the previous market demand for plastic is replaced by the same ratio, paper packaging will be far more polluting than ordinary plastic.
  Biodegradable plastics are the solution
  So can ecologically degradable plastics circumvent these problems of paper packaging and solve the problem of plastic pollution instead of plastic products?
  Eco-degradable plastics is a scientific and technological innovation from the source of plastic pollution to solve the problem of plastic pollution. single wall paper cup manufacturer It is a new technological product that has been successfully developed for 13 years to accelerate the degradation of plastic back to the ecological circle. It is a new material made of ordinary food grade polyethylene plastic and patented EBP degradation master material, which can be completely degraded under any natural conditions through formula selection design and innovative production process. The degradation process will not produce any harmful substances to the environment.
  Ecological plastic production process is a physical process, belongs to the light industry class, does not produce three wastes and toxic substances, the whole production process is pollution-free, no adverse emissions. Therefore, no matter from which aspect, ecological degradable plastic is the first choice of packaging materials in the environment of environmental protection.
  At present, the total global demand for biodegradable plastics is nearly 1.2 million tons, with PLA and PBAT accounting for 25% and 24% of starch composites, respectively. However, starch material has limited properties and is difficult to be applied on a large scale. paper tea cup PLA has unique hardness and transparency properties, and PBAT has the most cost advantage among soft materials. These two materials will become the fastest growing varieties of degradable plastics in the future. Hyde Environmental Technology supports a wide range of degradable products represented by PLA as alternatives to products that harm the environment. You can find a range of biodegradable products on our website.

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