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Title: Opportunities for business and education consultants with Hefeiexpat
Post by: Aussie Mike on April 15, 2014, 04:05:09 pm
Hi Guys,
I'm opening a new office and consulting centre in June.

Opportunities are available for business and education consultants.

We will mainly cater for Chinese who wish to do business with foreigners and those wishing to study or travel abroad.  We don't just teach English but rather consult with clients in English.  We prepare them for their mission.

In particular, we are building a database of teachers who specialise in university and business subject areas.
We have Accounting, Psycology, Business, Media and are looking for all the other areas.  We are happy to double up on areas as available time is limited for those mentioned.

We pay above the normal rates but you need to be of high standard.  We can arrange Z visa for high caliber candidates.

Contact me directly on 138 667 39353 or E-mail mike@hefeiexpat.com

Students and business operators are also welcome to contact me to find out more, our rates are value for money.
Click this link to see our outline (http://expat-english.com/info/business/index.htm)