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Title: a mellow harsher
Post by: luiz_iniciante on May 17, 2013, 04:35:37 am

An interesting take on the question of China in the news. I actually sympathize with both sides in this debate: i) those who view the portrayal of China in the Western media as generally exhibiting a distinctive anti-China bias; ii) those who feel that the Chinese are overly sensitive about this issue, taking negative reports as interference or almost personal attacks. As the author points out, one sees a similar response to coverage of Israel/Palestine and other regions in which intractable conflicts rage.

My own personal view (which nobody asked for, anyways!) is that coverage of China in the Western media is poor because it is under- rather than misinformed. It amazes me that the Atlantic Magazine would chose a man like James Fallows, an able journalist but without fluent Chinese, to be their correspondent here. One could not imagine the reverse situation i.e. a Chinese journalist with limited English covering, say, Washington.

A possible solution might be for Western news outlets to employ Chinese journalists. Needless to say, there might be some risks involved.
Title: A balanced view would be appreciated
Post by: Aussie Mike on May 19, 2013, 05:18:56 am
No matter which media source you talk about, the same is the same. Always bias toward the local culture.

Why wouldn't you?

However, media for the foreign market should always be a balanced informative view.
Title: Re: a mellow harsher
Post by: Hills on May 19, 2013, 12:06:45 pm
This issue can go both ways but when directed to particular issues the Western media is absolutely BIAS against China.The facts are all there.Yup we can say same stories  are on the news about the West  but here is the thing:

Education,Culture and Tradition stands as pillars of every people
Evolution is the basic principle of humanity and not revolution.Time most play its role.

The USA is considered to be the most civilized nation on earth but how long did it take for the abolition of slavery and all the other B.S that are still evident today.Lets go memory lane to review the news coverage when legends like king,pac and others were assassinated

Yeah,they are trained journalist to report as they see things.

Same reason why a kid shot the pope trying to get famous via the media,cos of course" WE REPORT AS WE SEE THINGS"so they say.

But is this really the case.How often does the media twist its headlines to suit its business .This why facebook is leading cos its man to man info

Man,Linearity is our biggest enemy
Title: Re: a mellow harsher
Post by: Aussie Mike on May 21, 2013, 05:25:44 am
Australian News is fairer when reporting on China although sensationalism plays into it offen.