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Title: Personal Information Use
Post by: Aussie Mike on February 27, 2012, 05:28:02 am
We regard "Personal Information" as "Personal and Privileged".
We will take care to ensure your information stays that way.

We shall be offering memberships soon which will have many benefits.
To become a member we require positive, legal identification as well as some lifestyle background information to help us co-ordinate social and professional activities and services.

At no time will we use information for any other reason than what you give us permission for.
In essence, information will only be used confidentially to improve our services to offer you more.

Information collected by us is for the following reasons.
1. Legal identity - for our records to become a member - Passport or ID card
2. Email - verification of contact - used for monthly updates and notifications.
3. Mobile phone number - Emergency
4. Interests - for social arrangements - sport, music, languages.
5. Surveys - Improve services - voluntary

At no time will information be shared nor divulged to any party other than required by LAW.

This link will download the membership.doc application form (http://expat-central.com/hefeiexpat/info/membership/Membership.doc)
Title: Re: Personal Information Use
Post by: majiren on June 23, 2012, 10:44:46 am
I am the LAW!