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Title: You do not need to be an expat in Hefei to ask a question
Post by: Aussie Mike on August 27, 2011, 01:11:53 pm
This site is almost non-discriminatory we only discriminate against spammers and other unsavoury people who try to con the unwary and uninitiated. I enjoy deleting your profiles so keep trying. I'm deleting about 6 per day, between 1 and 15; I read every post! I rarely sleep so I'm usually the first and only person who sees them.

Stop wasting your own time.

We receive between 30,000 and 100,000 hits per month so I understand your desire to post, however, if you have something of interest and is appropriate for this site, talk to ME.

If you are unknown to me and have tags and signatures which are blatant phishing or bullshit advertising, expect to be deleted.

If you have a question, ask... Relevance is irrelevant. the response you receive is unpredictable.